* Gigamon Extends Reach of Legacy Network Monitoring Tools for Canadian Financial Services Firm

The telecommunications department of this large financial institution was tasked with monitoring the network to ensure an acceptable level of performance. With finite resources, excessive or improper use by employees could degrade service and negatively impact productivity.

* Gigamon Solves Network Monitoring Tool Connectivity Problem for Large Financial Services Firm

With GigaVUE, this organization has been able to easily connect all the tools they need to effectively monitor their network, increasing operational efficiencies and better utilizing existing investments in legacy toolsets. Improved management capabilities have enhanced the end-user experience, reducing the need to deal with hundreds of probes on an individual basis throughout the network. And GigaVUE’s robust, scalable solution ensures that future growth can be met, even as 10G traffic sources are added.

* IntercontinentalExchange Selects Gigamon to Enable 10Gbps Monitoring & Protect 1Gbps Tool Investment

With Gigamon’s solution, IntercontinentalExchange ICE was able to consolidate and secure all network-critical tapped connections in one centrally controlled solution.

“The GigaVUE- 2404 solution worked while delivering quick ROI for ICE. GigaVUE’s packet filtering technology is the most robust in the marketplace today.”Jose Veras ? Senior Security Engineer

Insurance and Healthcare
* Gigamon Solves Network Monitoring Tool Connectivity Problem for Large Insurance Firm

This organization maintains a large, complex, mission-critical network that requires constant monitoring for security, performance, and capacity. IT staff had deployed a wide variety of different network monitoring tools, including multiple instances of some tools to load-share traffic from higher-speed links.

* Amica Insurance Selects Gigamon to Replicate VoIP Traffic to Multiple VoIP Recording Tools

With Gigamon’s solution, Amica Insurance was able to contain costs by not having to purchase additional call monitoring and recording servers. The GigVUE was able to replicate the VoIP data to the call recording storage archive.

“The GigaVUE enabled us to easily direct, manage, and record VoIP traffic, allowing us to enhance our training and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”
Ron Rivet, Amica Network Engineer

Higher Education
* College of William & Mary Selects Gigamon to Securely Access Their Network for Complete Visibility

As The College of William & Mary was refreshing their network architecture, they realized that the previous method of monitoring was not going to be sufficient. This architecture consisted of multiple 1Gbps core distribution links and 100 Mbps network connections to edge desktop computers.

* Gigamon Ensures Privacy of Data in Multi-tenant Network with Near Real Time Changes

Like most outsourcing organizations, this firm’s clients share network resources: i.e., switches, routers, and links. Client traffic for monitoring is typically provided via SPAN ports. Individual clients need to be able to view their own information from a common data stream. However, the outsourcer can’t inadvertently allow one client to view another client’s data. Such an incident could put clients in regulatory noncompliance subject to fines and, at the very least, seriously damage the outsourcer/client relationship. Information must be kept private and secure, yet readily available to clients?a task that proved challenging for the outsourcing firm.

* Enhancing iMarker Targeted Advertising Platform with Gigamon

iMarker ( is an innovative Internet-based advertising service for telecom, providing its customers unique targeting functionality based on location, gender, age and other parameters of the subscribers. iMarker is a product developed by Corporate Security Technologies (, a Russian company specializing in solutions for network traffic analysis.

* National Center for Supercomputing Applications

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA / is a U.S. state-federal partnership to develop and deploy national-scale cyber infrastructure that advances science and engineering. NCSA operates as a unit of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, providing leading-edge computing, data storage and visualization resources to researchers across the country and around the world.

Telecommunication and Service Providers
* Gigamon Resolves Security Issues for Large Cable Firm with GigaVUE’s Authenticated Integrated TAPs

Different departments within the company had their own network monitoring tools. Everyone wanted access to the same data streams through SPAN ports or TAPs. But SPAN ports were limited, creating port contention among monitoring tools. And dropped packets were an ongoing problem associated with 10 GigE SPAN ports. Furthermore, mirroring often caused packets to be re-timed, resulting in inaccurate performance monitoring statistics. The company could gather more accurate traffic data through multiple TAPs, but that required costly and time-consuming manual aggregation of data.

Retail and Manufacturing
* Gigamon Ensures PCI Compliance for Major Retailer

Managing a very large, disparate enterprise demands an equally complex network infrastructure. Ensuring the availability and acceptable level of performance, 24/7 is critical. The retailer’s IT staff relied on traditional tools, such as sniffers, to monitor network performance via TAPs and SPAN ports. But there simply weren’t enough tools to monitor all the data streams all the time. Technicians had to obtain permission from change management to schedule tool moves from one port to another, which caused delays in responding to troubleshooting and monitoring needs. Purchasing additional tools to expand coverage was simply not in the budget.

* Gigamon Enables Cost-effective Monitoring Solution for Large Diversified Company

With a large, nationwide network, efficient performance monitoring and troubleshooting was critical for this diversified company. The Network Department had begun implementing a distributed monitoring solution that included probes and sniffers.